Monday, December 28, 2009

Hi! k first i want to adress the quitting part of my blog and say i wont quit :). secondly even though i'm not quitting blogging i am taking a long break from the game, not so long that everyone will forget me and that stuff. just long enough so that i dont end up playing so much my hard drive crashes (has happened with DF) i'm thinking 3 months with little visits to say hello (and goof off with my insane friends)

Cya! :)

Friday, December 18, 2009


There's been some hype about 3 new badges on the game one of them being krokosphinx delver but i have proof krokosphinx delver has been in game for at least 11 months; that's how long it's been since i left krokotopia; and that's how long i've had it in my badge page of my spellbook. back when i still had my gorgeous marley outfit (some of you may remember it) i had the badge on and a grandmaster fire/life asked me how i got it. the verdict: Krokosphinx Delver is NOT a new badge!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


no i don't mean the singer, i mean the color. you see John SpellRiver accepted a duel against a guy named Vakloor something, which john shouldn't have done because john was on his life grandmaster (not his strongest) and vakloor is a death version of a mean mean protection pock. so john enters the arena blah blah....... john was having trouble against vakloor in this (near) impossible duel, I told john if he won i'd dye my outfit pink for a month and guess what. John won yesterday was the end of that month of pink, it cost to much to dye my robes back to green so now i look like a fire student! ( an extremely cold fire student wearing a long coat) hehe john will be shocked when he see's me next xD

Saturday, December 12, 2009

He's Back :D

My best friend is back! no not fred, fred never goes away. I'm talking about Wolf Eyes, his motherboard melted, literally melted like a big pile of melted metal on the bottom of the plastic box known as the "computer brain" kind of melted. Anyway he's got a new computer and is ready to catch up to his lvl 47 best friend :) (and her annoying 2 grandmaster sister) look forward to new posts about helping him catch up (and showing him the new houses on test) coming soon (which means monday).


Thursday, December 3, 2009

Idiot Computer

idiot computer suddenly needs a new drive to play wizard101 i only logged off for 5 minutes then tried to log back on........................ my computer is an idiot (definition of idiot: a foolish or stupid person or object) it also likes to be a jerk when i call it an idiot (jerk: a type of sauce generally found in Jamaica)