Saturday, October 17, 2009

Virus Protection Software And W101 Patches Do Not Mix

Stupid Virus Protection Software wont let me on wizard101. But my sister the one with the fire grandmaster (and now a life one) has a dragon mount on live, Yay for her. Even if i cant play W101 i CAN play a game called WolfQuest it's graphics have becom increasingly better and it teaches about wolves.Yes I play an educational game O NO THE WORLDS GONNA END!!!!! Not. well i hope my computer stops Spazzing on me soon it's been acting like an angry beaver for three days!! Cya Bloggers

Monday, October 12, 2009


Yes that is me in the ninja pig suit. Not the fat one! the one in the middle.... See? you don't? GET GLASSES lol jk. But the guy in the fat suit is Unknown to you who read this Blog (and don't know me) but That is who I call Keller #2 Not. But that is A Keller he's not gonna be mentioned as much as the other keller but.......... He Is Fun as well And No he does not wear the costume all the time. (neither do i!) BUT NEWS FLASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DANIELLE STARCATCHER IS NOW A GRANDMASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (She's Samantha btw! Lol) I want to party BUT i'm already gonna cancel the one i planned cause i forgot about it. Yes It Is Cancelled! Now i am bored so Bye! :D

Monday, October 5, 2009


hmmmmmm....... looks like i was thinking about location so much i forgot to put it down. funny how that happens. anyway i'm gonna need to tell you where my party is LOL life tower OF COURSE haha. i like life :D. anyway me and keller emeraldhaven went on an journey to try to reach WC from his house........ journey was succesful we got stuck under nightside. another journey we did was trying to get to Canada and all the while i sang Eye Of The Tiger (in the funny voice you get when you have a cold) while he told me to sing the canadian national anthem. we didn't make it to canada apparently we were heading the wrong way so i ended up getting a T-Shirt that says: I Tried To get To Canada But wound Up Here Instead JK if only if only....... RANDOM DANCING!!!!!!! *dances randomly* I LOVE RANDOM!!!!! cya!

Saturday, October 3, 2009


well i've been going on Test lately and let me just say IT IS AWESOME i like the dragon mounts but the broom is wicked. i tried out the lion and it hops to much for my taste and after i used all my money on those.... i didn't have enough to try horse and accidently sold lion :(. well NEW AUTHOR for ya it's: Donita K. Paul author of DragonSpell and let me just say i've read only the first book which is DragonSpell and it rivals the great works of J. R. R. Tolkien and C. S. Lewis and has enough adventure to steal the spot of my most favorite book. Sorry Angie Sage but you're gonna have to settle for second (personally the sep. heap series went a little downhill when she made Si. evil. i like the twist in book 4 though) y'know i've been debating whether or not to tell everyone my username saying friendly makes his SOOOOO well known (good job friendly good job). soooo after much debating (with fred) i have decided i WILL share username it's: sandstorm4 yay party, speaking of party....... i wanna have a halloween party non members invited! yay wooohooo it's gonna be..................... on ze 25th at.... 4:00 pm central too rules #1 plz dont think any of my friends are weird and #2 COSTUME REQUIRED (even if you just dress up as a raven using the GH stuff from Bazaar) o and i'll add 2 more rules: #3 be nice to Isaac RedGem he dumped his girlfriend she reported him and now he cant text chat :( and #4 HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!! or else LOL JK y'know me HeHe well realm shall be Wu area 1 and you are encouraged to bring friends (as long as you tell them the rules) :D HAVE NICE DAY (or night)