Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I met a fan and i dueled her

Yes i met a fan! in truth it was a complete accident! LOL well here's the story: i finally decided to give ranked matches another try (death from two 1v1's with grandmasters and utter pwnage from four of them at same time scared me off!) so i got a thaumaturge one lvl higher than me (i was lvl 44 at time) to 1v1 her name was keira night and we started talking (she had open chat to!) and i thought i recognized her (from various occasions across arena) and she said my name did seem familiar and i asked her if she read blogs and she said yes! (sometimes rarely) so that is how i met a fan! (btw i won!) and anyone remember the sisterly duel? no? o well me and sam (one fire person) decided to 1v1 and she beat me :( and then we rematched and i used her own deck against her! (no not beguile she jacked all those treasure cards to give to isaac) have a happy tuesday OMG I HAVE A TEST TO STUDY FOR!!!!! BYE

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sylvia drakes tomb!!!!!

K i just completed sylvia drakes tomb! YAY! one step closer! i'm in the drake hatchery now (did cyrus hatch there? lol jk) so Sam is HYPER HAPPY and i'm bored happy funny how that works out. anyway i took a video with my video camera of me my friend sarai my friend fiona and sam as danielle. well sarai's brother took over for her. i will not post video cause well IT SUCKS we are just randomly killing things and fiona thinks it's a PICTURE lol. i wanna try other games but my brother is hogging our hard drive got anything with low Gig? if not o well i'll stick to dorkquest

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


which cave? THE cave lol anyway i'm gonna tell you something awesomer then the mounts: WHO suggested the mounts? FRED! yes FRED not youtube FRED but my friend FRED i should stop caps locking FRED but whatever. anyway fred had already suggested something on his email so he emailed it using his other one suggesting this: why don't you make mounts? they are really fun on other games so it's worth a try!. and thus the suggestion was made! well i hope fred doesn't get cocky. and anyway i have MORE news! has everyone heard of the infamous Hunter LionSlinger from youtube? well he's my friend and i just got news! my friend isaac's girlfriend sarai CHASED HIM OFF! yes! well thats what Samantha told me lol so she MAYbe wrong but o well

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


you know lots of people complain about the zombie bug right? i don't i managed to beat up a grandmaster death guy and his friend a master balance because of it. i mean the bug came in handy cause there i was lvl 34 at the time fighting masters with only an journeyman for backup! so when i became a zombie i went all-out anger on the guys, (the balance said 'CROP SHE WON'T DIE' quote) all-out anger includes blade, trap, balance blade, spirit blade, spirit trap, curse, centaur, death guy dies, then use another balance blade followed by a wraith treasure then balance guy dead. so the zombie bug CAN be to your atvantage! even if you have guys screaming 'CROP THEY WONT DIE!' from across the dueling circle!

school sucks!!!!!!!!!!

well hey everyone haven't heard from all of ya in awhile though i'm gonna be blogging only every 2 weeks starting after this weekend because of SCHOOL! you may say i'm lucky that i started school this late but thats the only lucky thing cause the popular kids are worse than Simon from american idol!!!!!!!! i'm hoping with my new look that i can pull of the 'new kid' routine for a few days wish me luck! BTW i made it all the way to Dragonspyre now :D and also you may be wondering why i'm not in school saying it's 10:00 AM the reason is first day grade eights don't show up till noon and well i'm grade eight lol :D. i'd also like to draw your attention to my friend Keller who is now on YOUTUBE!!!!!!!!!! yes youtube! he is MrCandyWars so people go on youtube, are you on? good. now search the candy shop robbery and click on the one by MrCandyWars, enjoy the shoutout to me and Sam and then watch the retardedly funny video.