Thursday, June 25, 2009

at school today....

hi bloggers! guess where i am right now! have you guessed? I AM AT SCHOOL AS I WRITE THIS yes i am at school fred is here too. fred says hi bloggers! and fred says school is SO fun! well today at least cause we get to roll around in rolley chairs designing websites! cya later bloggers!

Goofy Dueling

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

i am Outraged!!!

everybody who reads my blog knows about the friendly necromancer right? so i was searching google for pictures of life spells and 11 pages in what is right in the middle? HIS BANNER!!!! I have to say why is something having do do with death in the search for life pictures? why? why!?
WHY!? i have no idea does anyone know why? ANYONE!?

Monday, June 22, 2009


sooooo guess what the main topic of conversation was on friday? any guesses? going once going twice and sold to the guy with the purple bird on his head! rofl jk BUT the topic was WAY more interesting than an auction OR samantha battling the purple bird guy! HOW TO BE A REAL LIFE WITCH! (you know the ones they used to burn in salem) so me and fred decided to try. so we made a wand and turned our extremely nerdy friend (a.k.a. jacob lightsword though we do know him irl) into a cat we turned him back OF COURSE i mean if we didn't what would conner frogbane, lucas frostsmith AND duncan silvercoin do in they're spare time i mean annoying jacob lightsword is a school sport i mean WHO ELSE RESEMBLES THEY GUY FROM THE WHITE AND NERDY VIDEO ON MEEZ? anyway more of the witch stuff awww it's not as fun as typing about how nerdy he is! (btw conner, lucas and duncan are ALL IRL people) i think i said i mean tooooooo much in the last paragraph anyway i'll tell you more witch stuff later and if you want to meet me in the game look for saffron winterflame in the krokosphinx on torrence area 1 

GOOFY DUELING! (i finally figured out how to sign off :D LOL)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

LOL HAPPY FATHERS DAY! i know i overloaded the exclamation marks on the title so anyway unforch i could not go on wizard today (i did think of riding my bike three miles to the wizard101 house but then i remembered the spider that lives on the shed) so instead i thought i'd say happy dads day to all the dads that read my blog (cough the friendly necromancer cough) and tell you more insane stories of my insane days on wizard 101 i'll start with the story of daniel ravenhead (a.k.a. tinman you'll find out why) i once had a friend named courtney (can't remember her last name) who invited me to her pvp match so i could help her friend daniel ravenhead so i helped and i found out that daniel had NO compassion whatsoever so we ended up doing seven matches before i had to go quest so i was questing and i got a cry for help from my friend who shall not be named on the whisper chat so i ported and guess what! he planned to make me malistaire bait! his other friend was even saying it! so i whispered courtney and asked if i could port to her cause she wasn't a member and was stuck in wizard city she said yes so i said cya suckers (in a way so that the filter wouldn't get it) and ported to her and ended having to do seven more pvps with daniel as my partner (NOT fun) so after that i was questing again when my friend blaze stormfist whispered me asking if i wanted to do a friendly 1v1 i of course said yes so we were halfway through the match when daniel popped in saying he wanted revenge because i made him develop compassion so i spent the rest of the duel telling him to go away and ended up calling in one of the highest level people i know to get him out and i ended up deleting daniel but whatever at least he is leaving me alone now. so...... i guess this isn't very fathers dayish at all o well have a happy fathers day! 

Thursday, June 18, 2009

funny typo

so once upon a time (lol sooo cheesy) i was hanging out with dakota stormstrider (this was when me and him weren't members) and his friend wolf when some random kid walked up to us and said can you take me to mushu? i was like mushu? dakota was like ummmm? and wolf was like what? and i said sry i can't take you to mushroom. LOL and he said mushroom no i need mushu and apparently it was mooshu he meant! ROFL :D funny huh? you might not think it but i think the mushroom comment i pulled was funny

kinda weird in a romantic comedy way

so i was doing quests on krokotopia on my wonderful used to be main charecter saffron winterflame (lvl 17 ice/thaumaturge). i was running towards the oasis and i took a right turn and i see some gal named vannessa darkcrafter killin' stuff nothin' unusual right? well i kept on walking and there was another person guess who it was..... none other than dakota stormstrider! (my friend who called my sister creepy but they aren't fighting no more hmm interview idea!) i said hi and he said hi back so i continued and on my way back i saw him again with the same girl in almost exactly the same spot it turned out she was his gf! lol :) so the moral of this ironic story is uh um i forgot the moral and the moral of that is never forget the moral! rofl

btw people plz keep a look out for dakota dunewalker master sorcerer if you find him plz notify me through the comments thank you

Friday, June 12, 2009

totally random with complaints from my sister

complaint #1 i hate dragonspyre #2 i hate the arena #3 why do you have to write my complaints on your blog? #4 why do you have to do an interview? and finally the totally random and scary part my best friend is coming to terrorize us with his comments be afraid! be very afraid! he will mention my way of saying CHEESE in an angry voice if he starts talking about mud poop and worms (which was the topic of conversation today eew) and my other best friend who moved away emailed me:) which has nothing to do with my next topic. MY FIRST INTERVIEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D courtesy of isaiah deathblood a friend of mine (also friends with sam) but my fellow blogging friends and non bloggers the next interview after that will be! (draws name from hat) SAMANTHA GOLDENHEART MY SISTER! who is sitting right next to me. sam says hi bloggers. want to hear somthing really funny? do ya? ya you do! sam is fighting a boss that looks like the kid with purple bird on head! ROFL IT'S SO RANDOM IT GETS A 10/10 FOR RANDOM RATINGS!!!!!! LOL CYA NEXT TIME BLOGGERS :D

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


hiya again haven't been bloggin for awhile been to busy trying to set up an interview with my sisters friends, my friends, somebody with a more popular blog and finally my sister! (who is on dragonspyre while i'm still stuck in marleybone) and i've been busy playing other games :O i agree i'm a wizard 101 traitor not really i just needed something to do in my almost a mile away wizard 101 free house. excuse me i gotta watch my sister get killed by some random dude in purple with a colosuss pet (who looks like a purple bird landed on his head no offense to people with the same helm (if you want to see something similar look at the friendly necromancers screenshots no offense stingite) ) :D lol i think i might fall asleep at the keyboard :) might go on Tatiana frostblade oh wait i have to go to wizard free house :( super sad now :( wait sister got killed :D LOL her friend might die! i liked him :( lol jk he is funny (half the time i don't know what the heckhound he's saying)