Monday, June 22, 2009


sooooo guess what the main topic of conversation was on friday? any guesses? going once going twice and sold to the guy with the purple bird on his head! rofl jk BUT the topic was WAY more interesting than an auction OR samantha battling the purple bird guy! HOW TO BE A REAL LIFE WITCH! (you know the ones they used to burn in salem) so me and fred decided to try. so we made a wand and turned our extremely nerdy friend (a.k.a. jacob lightsword though we do know him irl) into a cat we turned him back OF COURSE i mean if we didn't what would conner frogbane, lucas frostsmith AND duncan silvercoin do in they're spare time i mean annoying jacob lightsword is a school sport i mean WHO ELSE RESEMBLES THEY GUY FROM THE WHITE AND NERDY VIDEO ON MEEZ? anyway more of the witch stuff awww it's not as fun as typing about how nerdy he is! (btw conner, lucas and duncan are ALL IRL people) i think i said i mean tooooooo much in the last paragraph anyway i'll tell you more witch stuff later and if you want to meet me in the game look for saffron winterflame in the krokosphinx on torrence area 1 

GOOFY DUELING! (i finally figured out how to sign off :D LOL)

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