Friday, June 12, 2009

totally random with complaints from my sister

complaint #1 i hate dragonspyre #2 i hate the arena #3 why do you have to write my complaints on your blog? #4 why do you have to do an interview? and finally the totally random and scary part my best friend is coming to terrorize us with his comments be afraid! be very afraid! he will mention my way of saying CHEESE in an angry voice if he starts talking about mud poop and worms (which was the topic of conversation today eew) and my other best friend who moved away emailed me:) which has nothing to do with my next topic. MY FIRST INTERVIEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D courtesy of isaiah deathblood a friend of mine (also friends with sam) but my fellow blogging friends and non bloggers the next interview after that will be! (draws name from hat) SAMANTHA GOLDENHEART MY SISTER! who is sitting right next to me. sam says hi bloggers. want to hear somthing really funny? do ya? ya you do! sam is fighting a boss that looks like the kid with purple bird on head! ROFL IT'S SO RANDOM IT GETS A 10/10 FOR RANDOM RATINGS!!!!!! LOL CYA NEXT TIME BLOGGERS :D


  1. haha! Can't wait to read your first interview. :-)

    poop, worms, and purple bird heads.

  2. inter view shall be soonish you know i might make isaiah second and do the sam interview first for time perposes... fred does talk about worms and their relations to poop that reminds me of a winnie the pooh joke here it is: why was tiger looking in the toilet? he was looking for pooh! lol