Wednesday, June 3, 2009


hiya again haven't been bloggin for awhile been to busy trying to set up an interview with my sisters friends, my friends, somebody with a more popular blog and finally my sister! (who is on dragonspyre while i'm still stuck in marleybone) and i've been busy playing other games :O i agree i'm a wizard 101 traitor not really i just needed something to do in my almost a mile away wizard 101 free house. excuse me i gotta watch my sister get killed by some random dude in purple with a colosuss pet (who looks like a purple bird landed on his head no offense to people with the same helm (if you want to see something similar look at the friendly necromancers screenshots no offense stingite) ) :D lol i think i might fall asleep at the keyboard :) might go on Tatiana frostblade oh wait i have to go to wizard free house :( super sad now :( wait sister got killed :D LOL her friend might die! i liked him :( lol jk he is funny (half the time i don't know what the heckhound he's saying)


  1. LOL. sry about saying it looked like a bird landed on your head. in the color you have it it doesn't with him... lol it's a flying purple people eater! lol jk he did look funny