Wednesday, June 24, 2009

i am Outraged!!!

everybody who reads my blog knows about the friendly necromancer right? so i was searching google for pictures of life spells and 11 pages in what is right in the middle? HIS BANNER!!!! I have to say why is something having do do with death in the search for life pictures? why? why!?
WHY!? i have no idea does anyone know why? ANYONE!?


  1. What better complement to Life that a Necromancer. No coin can have only one side.

    Oh, that, and the fact that life may be a hidden tag, I dunno. ;)

  2. It was most likely a picture of a post that had to do with life. Keep your cool, it's just a guy's blog banner.

  3. ty for the advice C&C and autumn i clearly put life spells of wizard 101 so the coin thing wasn't required

  4. Well... the necromancer you are speaking of is friendly, and the life teacher likes nice people, so that might be the reason why hes in there. also one of his kids is a life wizard.