Sunday, May 17, 2009

finally got on wizard 101

first let me tell you it was NOT an easy task getting to play. i had to convince my mom to let ride my bike to my grandmas house. then i had to bike twenty minutes into the wind walking most of the way. i finally made it needed lots of food and sugary drinks (crackers and strawberry milk lol) and logged on finished Chelsea court and the ironworks with samantha's help i might interview her here to prove she really is my sister and she really exists. (she did kensington lane after i warned her about it) and maybe i could ask the friendly necromancer if i can interview him those are just two ideas. just to add a funny tone to this blog post i was working on triton avenue and there was this guy in a duel and he was losing so i joined and saved him we became friends and the whole reason he was losing the duel was because he fell asleep at the keyboard. and on that note i say HAVE FUN! cya next post :)

Bored to death

i haven't been able to play wizard 1o1 yet today so i'm bored to death. i might check out a website my friend told me about it's called hopefully it's good.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

a sisterly duel

Do not be fooled by the name of this post yes it involves a duel and yes it involves my twin sister samantha goldenheart. But OMG was it LOL funny. i'll start with how mine and sams computers are right next to eachother and i could see every move she made. it was a 3v3 duel so i told my teammates every move she made and we ended up calling the duel Good vs. Evil, i of course was on the evil side i mean how couldn't i? i kept saying i was the evil twin and some guy stole my line which was Quote "I AM THE EVIL TWIN MUAH HAHAHA" so i got really angry and started pounding my sister's team so hard two of them fled. in the end it was me vs. sam but of course good triumphs over evil and she killed me with her helephant treasure card only beacause I Heather ThunderGem never flee there was a big conversation about ducks and the chat filter combined with a fill in the blanks game. i had planed to party after that but instead me and Wolf Eyes one of my best friends hung out in various places. and ended up laughing our heads off (hahaha thump) at a guy stuck in the drain at olde town by where zeke used to be it was funny cause he was shouting "i'm innocent!"

Friday, May 15, 2009

funny just won't stop hitting me with laugh attacks

so the most recent funny thing is i became friends with the most annoying sorcerer in the history of annoying people. he won't stop porting to me mid battle it's like i'm fighting an o'leary and then boom he ports he won't even let me know he's coming. oh another funny thing is a saying me and elizabeth lightweaver came up with when i was fighting a death kid named jason in a ranked match she said "life rocks!" and i added "cause we throw rocks" and cast natures wrath which chucked a rock at him. he later used sacrifice and killed himself and caused me to win. and then me and elizabeth did a 4v4 in whick jason was on my team and we lost because he cast doom and gloom and me and elizabeth died (the other guy had to leave earlier) talk about irony. thinking of irony the match i did before jason i was facing a death girl can't remember her name but she cast doom and gloom and i lost. :( doom and gloom must be bad luck for me (figures)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

been away for awile...

Sry peoples i forgot i had this blog i promise to update asap everyday
So lately i've been dealing with a lot of will you be my girlfriend plz? it's SO annoying i mean your in the middle of killing a gearhead and then a text chat pops up saying "will you be my girl?" it's like a life girl is all the rage right now. so anyway i nearly got killed by a gearhead today got so frusterrated i wanted to put DIE! ! ! on the screen actually i think i did good thing no one was there i'd be SO weird looking but then i'm used to it me being the "outcast" of grade seven i started my own group by gathering friends with simaler interests and making the wizard group an entire group that loves wizard101 in the same school. i made a new life charecter today Brianna Griffan did the tutorial and text talked through the whole thing it was pretty funny actually. full of Greats and I hate tutorials it was hilarious because my friend was Howling with laughter (you will know her as "Fred" she's a bit obsessed with making guy characters pretty freaky i think) I think i'm gonna comment on the friendly necromancer sometime soon but untill then a shout out to all those obsessed with making a life student their girl NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

see ya next time
and remember life ain't sunshine lollipops and healing cards
Have Fun!