Wednesday, May 13, 2009

been away for awile...

Sry peoples i forgot i had this blog i promise to update asap everyday
So lately i've been dealing with a lot of will you be my girlfriend plz? it's SO annoying i mean your in the middle of killing a gearhead and then a text chat pops up saying "will you be my girl?" it's like a life girl is all the rage right now. so anyway i nearly got killed by a gearhead today got so frusterrated i wanted to put DIE! ! ! on the screen actually i think i did good thing no one was there i'd be SO weird looking but then i'm used to it me being the "outcast" of grade seven i started my own group by gathering friends with simaler interests and making the wizard group an entire group that loves wizard101 in the same school. i made a new life charecter today Brianna Griffan did the tutorial and text talked through the whole thing it was pretty funny actually. full of Greats and I hate tutorials it was hilarious because my friend was Howling with laughter (you will know her as "Fred" she's a bit obsessed with making guy characters pretty freaky i think) I think i'm gonna comment on the friendly necromancer sometime soon but untill then a shout out to all those obsessed with making a life student their girl NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

see ya next time
and remember life ain't sunshine lollipops and healing cards
Have Fun!

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