Friday, May 15, 2009

funny just won't stop hitting me with laugh attacks

so the most recent funny thing is i became friends with the most annoying sorcerer in the history of annoying people. he won't stop porting to me mid battle it's like i'm fighting an o'leary and then boom he ports he won't even let me know he's coming. oh another funny thing is a saying me and elizabeth lightweaver came up with when i was fighting a death kid named jason in a ranked match she said "life rocks!" and i added "cause we throw rocks" and cast natures wrath which chucked a rock at him. he later used sacrifice and killed himself and caused me to win. and then me and elizabeth did a 4v4 in whick jason was on my team and we lost because he cast doom and gloom and me and elizabeth died (the other guy had to leave earlier) talk about irony. thinking of irony the match i did before jason i was facing a death girl can't remember her name but she cast doom and gloom and i lost. :( doom and gloom must be bad luck for me (figures)

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