Saturday, May 16, 2009

a sisterly duel

Do not be fooled by the name of this post yes it involves a duel and yes it involves my twin sister samantha goldenheart. But OMG was it LOL funny. i'll start with how mine and sams computers are right next to eachother and i could see every move she made. it was a 3v3 duel so i told my teammates every move she made and we ended up calling the duel Good vs. Evil, i of course was on the evil side i mean how couldn't i? i kept saying i was the evil twin and some guy stole my line which was Quote "I AM THE EVIL TWIN MUAH HAHAHA" so i got really angry and started pounding my sister's team so hard two of them fled. in the end it was me vs. sam but of course good triumphs over evil and she killed me with her helephant treasure card only beacause I Heather ThunderGem never flee there was a big conversation about ducks and the chat filter combined with a fill in the blanks game. i had planed to party after that but instead me and Wolf Eyes one of my best friends hung out in various places. and ended up laughing our heads off (hahaha thump) at a guy stuck in the drain at olde town by where zeke used to be it was funny cause he was shouting "i'm innocent!"


  1. haha! I like doing that kind of stuff with my evil twin character too. :) Sounds like you had fun!

  2. thnx it was hilarious. the fun part was i made a new friend

  3. I'm innocent!
    So funny...Good job.