Friday, July 31, 2009

little known fact about egypt and greece

we all know that the egyptians built the sphinx from the body of a lion and the head of a man in honor of some long-lost king. what most people don't know is the greeks have a sphinx to. the greek sphinx has the head of a woman and the body of a griffin and has a whole myth behind her as i discovered while reading the encyclopedia of mythology. well i doubt anyone is interested in my love of myths. :) i know i'll start posting the myth of the day :)

well cancel the voteing

meet & greet shall be AUGUST 15! i know its a long way away but this gives you time to buy clothes for THE MOST INTERESTING OUTFIT contest why did i caps lock that? idk but from my research of previous meet and greets the friendly necromancer shall be a pumpkin head ahead of everybody. well wanna know the prize? ya you do the prize is 2 rebirth treasure cards 1 stormzilla treasure card and 1 helephant treasure card i might throw in another card but i'll think of that when the time comes. well about the friends vote i'll get everyone on my friends list who's online to come.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Meet&Greet which date?

I have come up with a few dates but need to decide which one maybe a vote will help?
these are your choices:

1. tomorrow 4:00 pm central time
2. today 4:00 pm central time 
3. last week
4. never
5. three days 4:00 pm central time

and i need help deciding how many friends of mine to invite will you vote on this to? that'd be great.

1. just my sister and one friend
2. john spellriver and jack firetail
3. dakota stormstrider and wolf blood
4. wolf eyes and sean hexhunter
5. all of the above and keller (the more the merrier)

if you could vote that'd be great really it would i'll check the votes and if you could put down your character name i'll make a rough guest list count so i know roughly how many people should be there.
oh i nearly forgot to give the location lol it will be in nightside cause i know everybody can get there and those who can't i'll meet under the waterfall and try to become friends with them
and fred will be there he can't text chat though so i'll translate what he's trying to say (no he is not younger than 13 he just messed up putting in his birthday)

Goofy Dueling! :)

Sunday, July 26, 2009


You all know about the various meet and greets being set up well i couldn't attend ANY of them so i am gonna have one of my own. so i can actually attend. the purpose: i wanna meet some of you people who read my blog! and i want you to actually meet my best friend so you don't think fred is fictional and i want to meet other bloggers cause honestly i'm getting lonely in the blogoverse. i still have to decide the date but it shall be soon

Friday, July 24, 2009

Vacation = no wizard101 = no blog posts

HI!! it's fun to be back in the blogosphere after a nice vacation. i haven't been on wizard101 much because yet again i have been playing other games :O ya other games but i now have a list of games you can play and may like: Fun in a more modern way, good if you like games where you see your full character all at once. target ages 6-15 yrs Fictional game where it's a complete RPG and not an MMORPG fun if you want to combine fictional knights, dragons, mages, paladins, elves, and crazy made up creatures with time fluxes, inter dimenshional stuff, saving wild life, transformers and other junk like that. was created by highschool students as a project. Fictional game created by the exact same highschool students as the one above but with better graphics and storyline also has a time machine which takes you to the first games backround Once again created by the same people as above this game has lasers though and giant robots and light sabers and sqiud things. Yes again created by the people above this time it IS a MMORPG and is based on a guy that you get to beat up in DragonFable killing a guy you fear and trying to kill the king oh and he now has thirteen sidekicks a great way to meet people

wow now i'm tired of blogging cya!

Goofy Dueling!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Don't judge Canada our bacon rules!

well i was looking at the comments and saw this: Isaiah Spelldust, YOU'RE STILL IN SCHOOL?! lol. as you all know Isaiah is a friend of the friendly necromancers. As i CLEARLY state in my profile i am in grade seven and live somewhere in Canada so YES i was in school near the end of the year and YES i am not an adult. so thanks silverheart for calling him wude it's not as if he can't read he obviously can. and btw canadian bacon rules!

Goofy Dueling

Sunday, July 5, 2009


hiya bloggers! i haven't been blogging in awhile but i have been watching TRANSFORMERS!!!!!!!
both movies i have one on dvd (gotta love DvD) and i went to see #2 yesterday as a short summery: lots of stuff went BOOM!!!! giant robots had death matches swears were every 5 minutes plus there was orange smoke and bad throws. as a funny little scene i'll put the orange smoke and bad throws speaking part in here it's small and swear free!

(the two military dudes and sam+makayla are huddled in a small corner of ruins with giant robot death matches surrounding them)
Black military dude: I hope those F-14's got good aim.
White military dude: why?!
(sam looks around)
Black dude: i told them to aim for the orange smoke
(white guy looks a few feet to their left)
White dude: you mean that orange smoke?
Black dude: wasn't my best throw
white guy: NOW!!!!!!
(they all run like the wind)