Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Meet&Greet which date?

I have come up with a few dates but need to decide which one maybe a vote will help?
these are your choices:

1. tomorrow 4:00 pm central time
2. today 4:00 pm central time 
3. last week
4. never
5. three days 4:00 pm central time

and i need help deciding how many friends of mine to invite will you vote on this to? that'd be great.

1. just my sister and one friend
2. john spellriver and jack firetail
3. dakota stormstrider and wolf blood
4. wolf eyes and sean hexhunter
5. all of the above and keller (the more the merrier)

if you could vote that'd be great really it would i'll check the votes and if you could put down your character name i'll make a rough guest list count so i know roughly how many people should be there.
oh i nearly forgot to give the location lol it will be in nightside cause i know everybody can get there and those who can't i'll meet under the waterfall and try to become friends with them
and fred will be there he can't text chat though so i'll translate what he's trying to say (no he is not younger than 13 he just messed up putting in his birthday)

Goofy Dueling! :)


  1. This is Fred on his life character

  2. fred please vote i know i can talk to you irl but PLEASE vote

  3. 5. three days 4:00 pm central time

    because theres no comments yet and people who came by in the next 3 days can come.

    5. all of the above and keller (the more the merrier)