Friday, July 24, 2009

Vacation = no wizard101 = no blog posts

HI!! it's fun to be back in the blogosphere after a nice vacation. i haven't been on wizard101 much because yet again i have been playing other games :O ya other games but i now have a list of games you can play and may like: Fun in a more modern way, good if you like games where you see your full character all at once. target ages 6-15 yrs Fictional game where it's a complete RPG and not an MMORPG fun if you want to combine fictional knights, dragons, mages, paladins, elves, and crazy made up creatures with time fluxes, inter dimenshional stuff, saving wild life, transformers and other junk like that. was created by highschool students as a project. Fictional game created by the exact same highschool students as the one above but with better graphics and storyline also has a time machine which takes you to the first games backround Once again created by the same people as above this game has lasers though and giant robots and light sabers and sqiud things. Yes again created by the people above this time it IS a MMORPG and is based on a guy that you get to beat up in DragonFable killing a guy you fear and trying to kill the king oh and he now has thirteen sidekicks a great way to meet people

wow now i'm tired of blogging cya!

Goofy Dueling!

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