Friday, November 5, 2010

just lettin' ya know

i'm not on wizard101 much anymore, and if i am on i'm Saffron Winterflame, if you see me then say hi, i like meeting new people. also if you want to use my drawings for ANYTHING send me an email so you can ask oh also got any requests for me to try and draw?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hey look i actually CAN draw (Part 3)

Hey look i drew something so epic it delayed finishing those other drawings! here it is:
remember you can click to make it bigger :)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hey look i actually CAN draw (Part 2)

here are the rest of the ones in stage one of my drawing process:

you wouldn't think it but it took me forever to upload those images i kept accidentally pressing backspace >.< l8r g8rs

Hey look i actually CAN draw

hey guys! well i said awhile ago that i'd upload some of my manga character drawings; well here's all the ones in stage one of the drawing process:

ty for looking at my pictures the rest are in part 2 hehehehehehehehe

Friday, August 27, 2010

it's kinda sad.........

........i've been having no coments lately :( i no i'm not exactly consisstant with updating my blog but it's still nice to have readers :) i'm making a youtube series (actually gonna follow through with it this time) about pokemon special/adventures (seems im a bit obsessed xD whatever it's good) i actually finished scripting out episode 1 about 5 minutes ago, it's gonna be unique and cool and hopefully really good! it should be called: pokemon special/adventures highschool on uxiemoron's youtube channel be patient because i have to draw 3 of the characters! i hope you'll tune in if not it's there if you get bored with questing or farming or making your own youtube channels i'll anounce on here when episode one is rdy

l8r g8rs

Monday, August 23, 2010

new blog= mission failure

i tried to make the new blog on said date but teacher kept looking over my shoulder (fail) and i've been in Ontario for 1/2 the summer so.... ya you get the picture i'm actually gonna start not having this as a wizard101 only kind of blog i'm gonna expand into talking about some of the other games i play and telling about some of the books i read cause my room is literally a library i might actually scan some drawings i've done of manga characters and post them on here for ya'll to see so ya, i might also post a walkthrough of Pokemon HeartGold/Soulsilver and if i manage to find my Platinum game i'll post a video of me vs lucas thundershield and if lucas will let me borrow his Soulsilver i'll post a video of the rematch.

here's what my irl friends said when i asked what their fav pokemon was:
-Rebecca: i like Aipom :)
-Lucas: SKITTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-Hannah Banana: Raichu is sooooo cute
-Mihret: pikachu now shut up and leave me alone
-Laela: i dont like you why are you talking to me
-Jacob: i'm gonna PIKACHU in the shower LOL LOL (he got that from our science teacher)
-Connor the spiderkid: i like Beedrill
-Jordan: *BLEEP* go away
-Byron&Cody: Spinarak+Ledyba
-Hurricane Kat: pikachu
-Mel: lapras
-Sarah: margarine its BUTTERFREE!!!!!!

yeah and heres what i say: Eevee and Umbreon

l8r g8rs :P

Thursday, June 17, 2010

New Blog...........

is being made tomorrow i still am iffy on the name though any suggestions?

-I'm debating whether or not to have Saffron (Lvl 45) become grand before Heather (Lvl 49) because technically Heather is my 3rd oldest character and Saffron is the oldest any comments?

-Groups Recent obsession is...... pokemon (yes pokemon) this obsession has actually lasted longer than many others i.e. Nora the explora, Peace Bunny, Chuck Norris(don't ask).... so tell me what your favorite pokemon is (if you have one if you dont make up a convincing lie)

-random jot, MOOOOOO! I am a fish.

hehehehehe later gaters