Friday, August 27, 2010

it's kinda sad.........

........i've been having no coments lately :( i no i'm not exactly consisstant with updating my blog but it's still nice to have readers :) i'm making a youtube series (actually gonna follow through with it this time) about pokemon special/adventures (seems im a bit obsessed xD whatever it's good) i actually finished scripting out episode 1 about 5 minutes ago, it's gonna be unique and cool and hopefully really good! it should be called: pokemon special/adventures highschool on uxiemoron's youtube channel be patient because i have to draw 3 of the characters! i hope you'll tune in if not it's there if you get bored with questing or farming or making your own youtube channels i'll anounce on here when episode one is rdy

l8r g8rs

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