Monday, February 8, 2010

random grand master count

i just want to count all the grandmasters in meh family (me and sam have lol no one else plays) sam has 5! i mean like wow 5! she hasnt been playin for a year yet! i mean wow!
k these are her grands names:
Samantha GoldenHeart, life
Danielle StarCatcher, fire
Jenna StormBringer (i made her hehehe), death
Keira DreamWeaver, storm
Haley GoldenHeart, myth

and here my one character who close to grand:
Heather ThunderGem, life

O: i have played for like forever and she got more grandmasters than me! sometimes life aint fair

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Finished game! :)

well since my last post was on thursday (i think), i think it's good to point out i finished quest with two really nice people i met, James and his Aunt Jasmine thnx guys!
I'd Also like to point out that before i knew the quest was called The Final Countdown i was playing the song during battles LOL have a nice day/night/evening/morning!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Damn Turd Monkey's

here to tell you NEVER to invite these guys into your malistaire run party: Adam GoldGem, got me locked out (twice) Alex Thunder, told me to stop asking friends to join MY party even though they were porting cause Samantha told them to *shakes fist at Sam* Why i Oughtta. and NEVER use the lvl 50 life henchman, he uses Imp with a trap & blade but still, an imp! and won't heal at all seriously the lvl 40 is smarter, also no offense to gay guys but the henchman's name is REALLY gay, i mean Stefan GreenSpirit seriously, how gay can you get with that? in conclusion beware of Turd Monkey's


sry got quest party already have good day :)


Hi :)

I am 1 quest away from malistaire :) so now I'm gonna start putting together a malistaire run group :) never thought I'd say that way back when in the dueling arena you could have a 2v1 match LOL good old days. K so in the party is gonna be: Moi (no duh xD), Samantha (idk which character), and John Spellriver (idk which character just dont be surprised if his name is Mycin Spellriver cause that's him to). Yes there is one last spot and *drum roll* some random fan of my blog can fill that empty space! (*special note* must be level 30 or higher, if main school is balance level 28 or higher) yup random contest time muahahaha just post your character names in the comments, i'll write them down on pieces of paper and draw randomly *starts randomly dancing* you have till friday 2:00 pm central time (yes tomorrow) yes short notice, yes i'm sorry, no i didn't mean to be last minute i only found out yesterday evening

Have a Nice Day! ;)