Thursday, February 4, 2010

Damn Turd Monkey's

here to tell you NEVER to invite these guys into your malistaire run party: Adam GoldGem, got me locked out (twice) Alex Thunder, told me to stop asking friends to join MY party even though they were porting cause Samantha told them to *shakes fist at Sam* Why i Oughtta. and NEVER use the lvl 50 life henchman, he uses Imp with a trap & blade but still, an imp! and won't heal at all seriously the lvl 40 is smarter, also no offense to gay guys but the henchman's name is REALLY gay, i mean Stefan GreenSpirit seriously, how gay can you get with that? in conclusion beware of Turd Monkey's

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  1. Ill still help you if you want

    Garrett Dayhand