Wednesday, August 26, 2009

new author

well i am now a SUPER FAN of Jonathan Stroud's Bartimaeus Trilogy. though it took me 3 years to read the first book.... not lying i got bored in the middle. it took me 2 days to read the other 2. it's a really good trilogy. though a small hint very very very VERY small: beware of Faqual (i think that how it spelled)

Goofy Dueling =D

news flash!!!!!!

me and my friends just got open chat but that is not the newsflash. the newsflash is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i just started Mooshu! =D this is the before:that's me standing in front of big ben =D and now the after:
in the photo is keller on his new character. samantha on her fire character. and me in the middle.
we are shouting 42 cause that's the answer. to life the universe and.... EVERYTHING! lol jk =D

Monday, August 17, 2009

the meet and greet lie

well not really a lie cause i honestly couldn't go. why? because i was stuck in a small town most of the worlds population have NO IDEA exists i mean really how are you supposed to get on wizard101 from a town that can't even get SHAW high speed internet? yes that was a rhetorical question. so another author for ya Sean Cullen, no he is not related to edward cullen from twilight. i just finished reading the first book in his "Misplaced Prince Chronicles" it's called the prince of neither here nor there and the narration is extremely funny one rule though READ THE FOOT NOTES! he even tells you to at the beginning. anyway i want to tell a funny AQ worlds story from way back when i started my thief character. but that's for another post LOL

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


well i'm surprised i haven't posted ANYTHING about books yet so i might as well start with my favorite author. hmm... wait that title changes from L. J. Smith to Jessica Day George ALL the time. oh the hardships of reading to much (other side effects include: increased intelligence, happiness and creativity. read with care.) well might as well list the books i like by Jessica D. G. first:
Dragon slippers
Dragon flight

okay now L. J. Smith:
Night World:
secret vampire
daughters of darkness
dark angel
the chosen
black dawn

The Vampire Diaries:
the awakening
the struggle
the fury
dark reunion

lots of books you should try one problem for guys: they are from girl prospective have fun :D

Monday, August 10, 2009

my party

honestly i left twenty minutes in LOL no really only blaze from THE BLAZE BLOG and jessica showed don't believe me?? i'm serious i'll even post a picture of me and blaze chillin in my house (later) well he'll prob put his picture of us in nightside up on his blog first LOL anyway if anyone REALLY wanted to come but i wasn't there i'll be at the meet&greet that's broadcasted on the evil theurgist :D cya then




Saturday, August 8, 2009

no comments :(

i've been getting no comments :( makes me want to cancel my Birthday Party =( i'm not gonna any way sooooooooooooo has anyone noticed the picture of myself in my work-in-progress house that i put on top of my blog? the first picture of something in wizard101 that i put on my blog is myself LOL i feel so bad i prob should have put the one of me and wolf eyes up but o well i'll leave this one on until the day of my party PLZ COME wish me happy birthday that'd be great you could just pop in and say hi then leave LOL cya then?

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Friday, August 7, 2009

mythical character of the day

persephone the goddess of spring (i think)

b-day bash at 4:oo pm august 10th realm wu area two if it ends up being full area 3 and so on why not area one? idk :D LOL

goofy dueling

Thursday, August 6, 2009

mythical character of the day

Thor yup everyone loves Thor. Thor the thunder god with his thunder hammer and his i can crush you attitude. i hope this doesn't make storm students think i like their school the best. i mean with my name being heather THUNDERgem and now i feature Thor on my blog.

meet&greet has been canceled all together. why? because i'm replacing it with B-DAY BASH why a b-day bash? because i didn't get to have one irl. well i had a party but no one else was there other than my parents so it was not considered as a party. i hope ya'll can come on the 10th! (because the day exactly one month after my birthday is being used. and well i lied about me not being able to go to the meet&greet on august 15th) (i didn't mean to lie i just thought i wouldn't be able to go that's all.)

Goofy Dueling! :D

mythical character of the day

oden yea i felt like using a random guy from norse mythology today. apparently he's the leader of the other norse gods. all i did was write the first name i could think of. :D btw i am not in a good mood so if you happen to bump into me on marley it's not me it's my sister i'm telling the truth she steals my account when i don't wanna go online.

goofy dueling?

my meet&greet just got cancelled

why here are 3 reasons
1. i can't come
2. i can't come
3. another blog is having theirs

so you see me coming is a big factor. well HUGE factor and the right on top of each other thing doesn't help sooooooo i am moving mine to a different date idk when but sooner than you think.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

myth of the day+ meet&greet realm decision

myth of the day is turning into mythical character of the day because i can't remember half the myths so todays character is apollo in honor of the fact that i am psychic.

meet and greet shall be August 15th 1:oo pm central time realm Wu area 1. prize for costume contest is 2 rebirth treasure cards 1 stormzilla and 1 helephant treasure card. topic of conversation: whatever comes to mind at the time. color you must wear if you are winner of the contest after you win: pink. color you must wear if you come in second in the contest until the end of the meet&greet: purple. colors you may wear just to make me smile: green, blue, purple, and black.

and on the lighter side heres 2 jokes: what is the longest word? smiles, there's a mile between the s's. a man with red hair walks into a barber shop, barber says why is your hair red? man says because i'm hot, man with blue hair walks into the barber shop, barber says why is your hair blue? man says because i'm cold, man with green hair walks in, barber: why is your hair green? *man wipes nose upward* i don't know.

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Monday, August 3, 2009

myth of the day: antigone

my favorite myth might as well be the first myth of the day, unfortunately it does not have a happy ending. we all know about the super smart guy who built the labrintyh to hide the minotaur. i might put the myth of how he built wings in here another day. no one cares about his daughter the lovly Antigone who's brother was denied a proper burial due to him not believing that the emporer was always right. Antigone went outside of the city walls and sprinkled soil on top of her brothers body for a token burial. the punishment for her was being walled up in a cave. not a happy ending :(

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