Thursday, August 6, 2009

mythical character of the day

Thor yup everyone loves Thor. Thor the thunder god with his thunder hammer and his i can crush you attitude. i hope this doesn't make storm students think i like their school the best. i mean with my name being heather THUNDERgem and now i feature Thor on my blog.

meet&greet has been canceled all together. why? because i'm replacing it with B-DAY BASH why a b-day bash? because i didn't get to have one irl. well i had a party but no one else was there other than my parents so it was not considered as a party. i hope ya'll can come on the 10th! (because the day exactly one month after my birthday is being used. and well i lied about me not being able to go to the meet&greet on august 15th) (i didn't mean to lie i just thought i wouldn't be able to go that's all.)

Goofy Dueling! :D

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