Saturday, August 8, 2009

no comments :(

i've been getting no comments :( makes me want to cancel my Birthday Party =( i'm not gonna any way sooooooooooooo has anyone noticed the picture of myself in my work-in-progress house that i put on top of my blog? the first picture of something in wizard101 that i put on my blog is myself LOL i feel so bad i prob should have put the one of me and wolf eyes up but o well i'll leave this one on until the day of my party PLZ COME wish me happy birthday that'd be great you could just pop in and say hi then leave LOL cya then?

Goofy Dueling


  1. i have the same problem i dont have any comments to course my blog only started yesterday lol

  2. when is your b-day? I love the pic above where did you get that pic wall? the Krockatopian one!! its cool I want it!!!!

  3. Never judge by "no comments". I made that mistake, once. Try putting up a poll, ans you'll be amazed at the invisible traffic you really have.

    Just because people don't comment, doesn't mean they aren't there.

    Be well!

  4. blaze: whats your blog? i'll totally read it!

    silverheart: my b-day was july 15th but my party is tomorrow, also the wall i got from the karanahan barracks in the tomb of storms it was just as you com into the non fighting zone.

    autumn: thanx i'll try that :D

  5. here is my blog