Monday, December 28, 2009

Hi! k first i want to adress the quitting part of my blog and say i wont quit :). secondly even though i'm not quitting blogging i am taking a long break from the game, not so long that everyone will forget me and that stuff. just long enough so that i dont end up playing so much my hard drive crashes (has happened with DF) i'm thinking 3 months with little visits to say hello (and goof off with my insane friends)

Cya! :)

Friday, December 18, 2009


There's been some hype about 3 new badges on the game one of them being krokosphinx delver but i have proof krokosphinx delver has been in game for at least 11 months; that's how long it's been since i left krokotopia; and that's how long i've had it in my badge page of my spellbook. back when i still had my gorgeous marley outfit (some of you may remember it) i had the badge on and a grandmaster fire/life asked me how i got it. the verdict: Krokosphinx Delver is NOT a new badge!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


no i don't mean the singer, i mean the color. you see John SpellRiver accepted a duel against a guy named Vakloor something, which john shouldn't have done because john was on his life grandmaster (not his strongest) and vakloor is a death version of a mean mean protection pock. so john enters the arena blah blah....... john was having trouble against vakloor in this (near) impossible duel, I told john if he won i'd dye my outfit pink for a month and guess what. John won yesterday was the end of that month of pink, it cost to much to dye my robes back to green so now i look like a fire student! ( an extremely cold fire student wearing a long coat) hehe john will be shocked when he see's me next xD

Saturday, December 12, 2009

He's Back :D

My best friend is back! no not fred, fred never goes away. I'm talking about Wolf Eyes, his motherboard melted, literally melted like a big pile of melted metal on the bottom of the plastic box known as the "computer brain" kind of melted. Anyway he's got a new computer and is ready to catch up to his lvl 47 best friend :) (and her annoying 2 grandmaster sister) look forward to new posts about helping him catch up (and showing him the new houses on test) coming soon (which means monday).


Thursday, December 3, 2009

Idiot Computer

idiot computer suddenly needs a new drive to play wizard101 i only logged off for 5 minutes then tried to log back on........................ my computer is an idiot (definition of idiot: a foolish or stupid person or object) it also likes to be a jerk when i call it an idiot (jerk: a type of sauce generally found in Jamaica)

Monday, November 30, 2009

Coming Soon to YouTube

2 shows by heatherthundergem:

Nora the Explorer (epic version)

Peace Bunny

Moniter Youtube for these shows coming soon!

Friday, November 20, 2009



Wednesday, November 18, 2009

today is RANDOM day

Yes i am HYPER at 6:30 AM. don't even ask. but today is randomly random day so I might find a way to randomly post from the not-so-cool-school where i actually go!


Thursday, November 12, 2009

how to do quests without doing any work xD

here's how to do GH quests without actually doing any work:

1. add cass summerfriend/valdus startheif to your friends list
2. add danielle starcatcher/ samantha goldenheart to your friends list
5. let them do the work
4. grab a good book

and that is how you can do lots of GH quests without actually doing anything. depending on the bosses you might actually have an excuse.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Remembrance Day 2morrow

2morrow is remembrance day i know i rarely talk about serious stuff but people DIED so we could enjoy stuff like wizard101. kids were sent into battle at young ages, they sent blacks through minefields to clear the mines, so please at 11:00 am take 2 minutes of your time just 2 minutes to honor those who fought and who are fighting still. it's just 2 minutes.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Virus Protection Software And W101 Patches Do Not Mix

Stupid Virus Protection Software wont let me on wizard101. But my sister the one with the fire grandmaster (and now a life one) has a dragon mount on live, Yay for her. Even if i cant play W101 i CAN play a game called WolfQuest it's graphics have becom increasingly better and it teaches about wolves.Yes I play an educational game O NO THE WORLDS GONNA END!!!!! Not. well i hope my computer stops Spazzing on me soon it's been acting like an angry beaver for three days!! Cya Bloggers

Monday, October 12, 2009


Yes that is me in the ninja pig suit. Not the fat one! the one in the middle.... See? you don't? GET GLASSES lol jk. But the guy in the fat suit is Unknown to you who read this Blog (and don't know me) but That is who I call Keller #2 Not. But that is A Keller he's not gonna be mentioned as much as the other keller but.......... He Is Fun as well And No he does not wear the costume all the time. (neither do i!) BUT NEWS FLASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DANIELLE STARCATCHER IS NOW A GRANDMASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (She's Samantha btw! Lol) I want to party BUT i'm already gonna cancel the one i planned cause i forgot about it. Yes It Is Cancelled! Now i am bored so Bye! :D

Monday, October 5, 2009


hmmmmmm....... looks like i was thinking about location so much i forgot to put it down. funny how that happens. anyway i'm gonna need to tell you where my party is LOL life tower OF COURSE haha. i like life :D. anyway me and keller emeraldhaven went on an journey to try to reach WC from his house........ journey was succesful we got stuck under nightside. another journey we did was trying to get to Canada and all the while i sang Eye Of The Tiger (in the funny voice you get when you have a cold) while he told me to sing the canadian national anthem. we didn't make it to canada apparently we were heading the wrong way so i ended up getting a T-Shirt that says: I Tried To get To Canada But wound Up Here Instead JK if only if only....... RANDOM DANCING!!!!!!! *dances randomly* I LOVE RANDOM!!!!! cya!

Saturday, October 3, 2009


well i've been going on Test lately and let me just say IT IS AWESOME i like the dragon mounts but the broom is wicked. i tried out the lion and it hops to much for my taste and after i used all my money on those.... i didn't have enough to try horse and accidently sold lion :(. well NEW AUTHOR for ya it's: Donita K. Paul author of DragonSpell and let me just say i've read only the first book which is DragonSpell and it rivals the great works of J. R. R. Tolkien and C. S. Lewis and has enough adventure to steal the spot of my most favorite book. Sorry Angie Sage but you're gonna have to settle for second (personally the sep. heap series went a little downhill when she made Si. evil. i like the twist in book 4 though) y'know i've been debating whether or not to tell everyone my username saying friendly makes his SOOOOO well known (good job friendly good job). soooo after much debating (with fred) i have decided i WILL share username it's: sandstorm4 yay party, speaking of party....... i wanna have a halloween party non members invited! yay wooohooo it's gonna be..................... on ze 25th at.... 4:00 pm central too rules #1 plz dont think any of my friends are weird and #2 COSTUME REQUIRED (even if you just dress up as a raven using the GH stuff from Bazaar) o and i'll add 2 more rules: #3 be nice to Isaac RedGem he dumped his girlfriend she reported him and now he cant text chat :( and #4 HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!! or else LOL JK y'know me HeHe well realm shall be Wu area 1 and you are encouraged to bring friends (as long as you tell them the rules) :D HAVE NICE DAY (or night)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I met a fan and i dueled her

Yes i met a fan! in truth it was a complete accident! LOL well here's the story: i finally decided to give ranked matches another try (death from two 1v1's with grandmasters and utter pwnage from four of them at same time scared me off!) so i got a thaumaturge one lvl higher than me (i was lvl 44 at time) to 1v1 her name was keira night and we started talking (she had open chat to!) and i thought i recognized her (from various occasions across arena) and she said my name did seem familiar and i asked her if she read blogs and she said yes! (sometimes rarely) so that is how i met a fan! (btw i won!) and anyone remember the sisterly duel? no? o well me and sam (one fire person) decided to 1v1 and she beat me :( and then we rematched and i used her own deck against her! (no not beguile she jacked all those treasure cards to give to isaac) have a happy tuesday OMG I HAVE A TEST TO STUDY FOR!!!!! BYE

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sylvia drakes tomb!!!!!

K i just completed sylvia drakes tomb! YAY! one step closer! i'm in the drake hatchery now (did cyrus hatch there? lol jk) so Sam is HYPER HAPPY and i'm bored happy funny how that works out. anyway i took a video with my video camera of me my friend sarai my friend fiona and sam as danielle. well sarai's brother took over for her. i will not post video cause well IT SUCKS we are just randomly killing things and fiona thinks it's a PICTURE lol. i wanna try other games but my brother is hogging our hard drive got anything with low Gig? if not o well i'll stick to dorkquest

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


which cave? THE cave lol anyway i'm gonna tell you something awesomer then the mounts: WHO suggested the mounts? FRED! yes FRED not youtube FRED but my friend FRED i should stop caps locking FRED but whatever. anyway fred had already suggested something on his email so he emailed it using his other one suggesting this: why don't you make mounts? they are really fun on other games so it's worth a try!. and thus the suggestion was made! well i hope fred doesn't get cocky. and anyway i have MORE news! has everyone heard of the infamous Hunter LionSlinger from youtube? well he's my friend and i just got news! my friend isaac's girlfriend sarai CHASED HIM OFF! yes! well thats what Samantha told me lol so she MAYbe wrong but o well

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


you know lots of people complain about the zombie bug right? i don't i managed to beat up a grandmaster death guy and his friend a master balance because of it. i mean the bug came in handy cause there i was lvl 34 at the time fighting masters with only an journeyman for backup! so when i became a zombie i went all-out anger on the guys, (the balance said 'CROP SHE WON'T DIE' quote) all-out anger includes blade, trap, balance blade, spirit blade, spirit trap, curse, centaur, death guy dies, then use another balance blade followed by a wraith treasure then balance guy dead. so the zombie bug CAN be to your atvantage! even if you have guys screaming 'CROP THEY WONT DIE!' from across the dueling circle!

school sucks!!!!!!!!!!

well hey everyone haven't heard from all of ya in awhile though i'm gonna be blogging only every 2 weeks starting after this weekend because of SCHOOL! you may say i'm lucky that i started school this late but thats the only lucky thing cause the popular kids are worse than Simon from american idol!!!!!!!! i'm hoping with my new look that i can pull of the 'new kid' routine for a few days wish me luck! BTW i made it all the way to Dragonspyre now :D and also you may be wondering why i'm not in school saying it's 10:00 AM the reason is first day grade eights don't show up till noon and well i'm grade eight lol :D. i'd also like to draw your attention to my friend Keller who is now on YOUTUBE!!!!!!!!!! yes youtube! he is MrCandyWars so people go on youtube, are you on? good. now search the candy shop robbery and click on the one by MrCandyWars, enjoy the shoutout to me and Sam and then watch the retardedly funny video.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

new author

well i am now a SUPER FAN of Jonathan Stroud's Bartimaeus Trilogy. though it took me 3 years to read the first book.... not lying i got bored in the middle. it took me 2 days to read the other 2. it's a really good trilogy. though a small hint very very very VERY small: beware of Faqual (i think that how it spelled)

Goofy Dueling =D

news flash!!!!!!

me and my friends just got open chat but that is not the newsflash. the newsflash is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i just started Mooshu! =D this is the before:that's me standing in front of big ben =D and now the after:
in the photo is keller on his new character. samantha on her fire character. and me in the middle.
we are shouting 42 cause that's the answer. to life the universe and.... EVERYTHING! lol jk =D

Monday, August 17, 2009

the meet and greet lie

well not really a lie cause i honestly couldn't go. why? because i was stuck in a small town most of the worlds population have NO IDEA exists i mean really how are you supposed to get on wizard101 from a town that can't even get SHAW high speed internet? yes that was a rhetorical question. so another author for ya Sean Cullen, no he is not related to edward cullen from twilight. i just finished reading the first book in his "Misplaced Prince Chronicles" it's called the prince of neither here nor there and the narration is extremely funny one rule though READ THE FOOT NOTES! he even tells you to at the beginning. anyway i want to tell a funny AQ worlds story from way back when i started my thief character. but that's for another post LOL

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


well i'm surprised i haven't posted ANYTHING about books yet so i might as well start with my favorite author. hmm... wait that title changes from L. J. Smith to Jessica Day George ALL the time. oh the hardships of reading to much (other side effects include: increased intelligence, happiness and creativity. read with care.) well might as well list the books i like by Jessica D. G. first:
Dragon slippers
Dragon flight

okay now L. J. Smith:
Night World:
secret vampire
daughters of darkness
dark angel
the chosen
black dawn

The Vampire Diaries:
the awakening
the struggle
the fury
dark reunion

lots of books you should try one problem for guys: they are from girl prospective have fun :D

Monday, August 10, 2009

my party

honestly i left twenty minutes in LOL no really only blaze from THE BLAZE BLOG and jessica showed don't believe me?? i'm serious i'll even post a picture of me and blaze chillin in my house (later) well he'll prob put his picture of us in nightside up on his blog first LOL anyway if anyone REALLY wanted to come but i wasn't there i'll be at the meet&greet that's broadcasted on the evil theurgist :D cya then




Saturday, August 8, 2009

no comments :(

i've been getting no comments :( makes me want to cancel my Birthday Party =( i'm not gonna any way sooooooooooooo has anyone noticed the picture of myself in my work-in-progress house that i put on top of my blog? the first picture of something in wizard101 that i put on my blog is myself LOL i feel so bad i prob should have put the one of me and wolf eyes up but o well i'll leave this one on until the day of my party PLZ COME wish me happy birthday that'd be great you could just pop in and say hi then leave LOL cya then?

Goofy Dueling

Friday, August 7, 2009

mythical character of the day

persephone the goddess of spring (i think)

b-day bash at 4:oo pm august 10th realm wu area two if it ends up being full area 3 and so on why not area one? idk :D LOL

goofy dueling

Thursday, August 6, 2009

mythical character of the day

Thor yup everyone loves Thor. Thor the thunder god with his thunder hammer and his i can crush you attitude. i hope this doesn't make storm students think i like their school the best. i mean with my name being heather THUNDERgem and now i feature Thor on my blog.

meet&greet has been canceled all together. why? because i'm replacing it with B-DAY BASH why a b-day bash? because i didn't get to have one irl. well i had a party but no one else was there other than my parents so it was not considered as a party. i hope ya'll can come on the 10th! (because the day exactly one month after my birthday is being used. and well i lied about me not being able to go to the meet&greet on august 15th) (i didn't mean to lie i just thought i wouldn't be able to go that's all.)

Goofy Dueling! :D

mythical character of the day

oden yea i felt like using a random guy from norse mythology today. apparently he's the leader of the other norse gods. all i did was write the first name i could think of. :D btw i am not in a good mood so if you happen to bump into me on marley it's not me it's my sister i'm telling the truth she steals my account when i don't wanna go online.

goofy dueling?

my meet&greet just got cancelled

why here are 3 reasons
1. i can't come
2. i can't come
3. another blog is having theirs

so you see me coming is a big factor. well HUGE factor and the right on top of each other thing doesn't help sooooooo i am moving mine to a different date idk when but sooner than you think.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

myth of the day+ meet&greet realm decision

myth of the day is turning into mythical character of the day because i can't remember half the myths so todays character is apollo in honor of the fact that i am psychic.

meet and greet shall be August 15th 1:oo pm central time realm Wu area 1. prize for costume contest is 2 rebirth treasure cards 1 stormzilla and 1 helephant treasure card. topic of conversation: whatever comes to mind at the time. color you must wear if you are winner of the contest after you win: pink. color you must wear if you come in second in the contest until the end of the meet&greet: purple. colors you may wear just to make me smile: green, blue, purple, and black.

and on the lighter side heres 2 jokes: what is the longest word? smiles, there's a mile between the s's. a man with red hair walks into a barber shop, barber says why is your hair red? man says because i'm hot, man with blue hair walks into the barber shop, barber says why is your hair blue? man says because i'm cold, man with green hair walks in, barber: why is your hair green? *man wipes nose upward* i don't know.

Goofy dueling

Monday, August 3, 2009

myth of the day: antigone

my favorite myth might as well be the first myth of the day, unfortunately it does not have a happy ending. we all know about the super smart guy who built the labrintyh to hide the minotaur. i might put the myth of how he built wings in here another day. no one cares about his daughter the lovly Antigone who's brother was denied a proper burial due to him not believing that the emporer was always right. Antigone went outside of the city walls and sprinkled soil on top of her brothers body for a token burial. the punishment for her was being walled up in a cave. not a happy ending :(

Goofy Dueling

Friday, July 31, 2009

little known fact about egypt and greece

we all know that the egyptians built the sphinx from the body of a lion and the head of a man in honor of some long-lost king. what most people don't know is the greeks have a sphinx to. the greek sphinx has the head of a woman and the body of a griffin and has a whole myth behind her as i discovered while reading the encyclopedia of mythology. well i doubt anyone is interested in my love of myths. :) i know i'll start posting the myth of the day :)

well cancel the voteing

meet & greet shall be AUGUST 15! i know its a long way away but this gives you time to buy clothes for THE MOST INTERESTING OUTFIT contest why did i caps lock that? idk but from my research of previous meet and greets the friendly necromancer shall be a pumpkin head ahead of everybody. well wanna know the prize? ya you do the prize is 2 rebirth treasure cards 1 stormzilla treasure card and 1 helephant treasure card i might throw in another card but i'll think of that when the time comes. well about the friends vote i'll get everyone on my friends list who's online to come.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Meet&Greet which date?

I have come up with a few dates but need to decide which one maybe a vote will help?
these are your choices:

1. tomorrow 4:00 pm central time
2. today 4:00 pm central time 
3. last week
4. never
5. three days 4:00 pm central time

and i need help deciding how many friends of mine to invite will you vote on this to? that'd be great.

1. just my sister and one friend
2. john spellriver and jack firetail
3. dakota stormstrider and wolf blood
4. wolf eyes and sean hexhunter
5. all of the above and keller (the more the merrier)

if you could vote that'd be great really it would i'll check the votes and if you could put down your character name i'll make a rough guest list count so i know roughly how many people should be there.
oh i nearly forgot to give the location lol it will be in nightside cause i know everybody can get there and those who can't i'll meet under the waterfall and try to become friends with them
and fred will be there he can't text chat though so i'll translate what he's trying to say (no he is not younger than 13 he just messed up putting in his birthday)

Goofy Dueling! :)

Sunday, July 26, 2009


You all know about the various meet and greets being set up well i couldn't attend ANY of them so i am gonna have one of my own. so i can actually attend. the purpose: i wanna meet some of you people who read my blog! and i want you to actually meet my best friend so you don't think fred is fictional and i want to meet other bloggers cause honestly i'm getting lonely in the blogoverse. i still have to decide the date but it shall be soon

Friday, July 24, 2009

Vacation = no wizard101 = no blog posts

HI!! it's fun to be back in the blogosphere after a nice vacation. i haven't been on wizard101 much because yet again i have been playing other games :O ya other games but i now have a list of games you can play and may like: Fun in a more modern way, good if you like games where you see your full character all at once. target ages 6-15 yrs Fictional game where it's a complete RPG and not an MMORPG fun if you want to combine fictional knights, dragons, mages, paladins, elves, and crazy made up creatures with time fluxes, inter dimenshional stuff, saving wild life, transformers and other junk like that. was created by highschool students as a project. Fictional game created by the exact same highschool students as the one above but with better graphics and storyline also has a time machine which takes you to the first games backround Once again created by the same people as above this game has lasers though and giant robots and light sabers and sqiud things. Yes again created by the people above this time it IS a MMORPG and is based on a guy that you get to beat up in DragonFable killing a guy you fear and trying to kill the king oh and he now has thirteen sidekicks a great way to meet people

wow now i'm tired of blogging cya!

Goofy Dueling!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Don't judge Canada our bacon rules!

well i was looking at the comments and saw this: Isaiah Spelldust, YOU'RE STILL IN SCHOOL?! lol. as you all know Isaiah is a friend of the friendly necromancers. As i CLEARLY state in my profile i am in grade seven and live somewhere in Canada so YES i was in school near the end of the year and YES i am not an adult. so thanks silverheart for calling him wude it's not as if he can't read he obviously can. and btw canadian bacon rules!

Goofy Dueling

Sunday, July 5, 2009


hiya bloggers! i haven't been blogging in awhile but i have been watching TRANSFORMERS!!!!!!!
both movies i have one on dvd (gotta love DvD) and i went to see #2 yesterday as a short summery: lots of stuff went BOOM!!!! giant robots had death matches swears were every 5 minutes plus there was orange smoke and bad throws. as a funny little scene i'll put the orange smoke and bad throws speaking part in here it's small and swear free!

(the two military dudes and sam+makayla are huddled in a small corner of ruins with giant robot death matches surrounding them)
Black military dude: I hope those F-14's got good aim.
White military dude: why?!
(sam looks around)
Black dude: i told them to aim for the orange smoke
(white guy looks a few feet to their left)
White dude: you mean that orange smoke?
Black dude: wasn't my best throw
white guy: NOW!!!!!!
(they all run like the wind)


Thursday, June 25, 2009

at school today....

hi bloggers! guess where i am right now! have you guessed? I AM AT SCHOOL AS I WRITE THIS yes i am at school fred is here too. fred says hi bloggers! and fred says school is SO fun! well today at least cause we get to roll around in rolley chairs designing websites! cya later bloggers!

Goofy Dueling

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

i am Outraged!!!

everybody who reads my blog knows about the friendly necromancer right? so i was searching google for pictures of life spells and 11 pages in what is right in the middle? HIS BANNER!!!! I have to say why is something having do do with death in the search for life pictures? why? why!?
WHY!? i have no idea does anyone know why? ANYONE!?

Monday, June 22, 2009


sooooo guess what the main topic of conversation was on friday? any guesses? going once going twice and sold to the guy with the purple bird on his head! rofl jk BUT the topic was WAY more interesting than an auction OR samantha battling the purple bird guy! HOW TO BE A REAL LIFE WITCH! (you know the ones they used to burn in salem) so me and fred decided to try. so we made a wand and turned our extremely nerdy friend (a.k.a. jacob lightsword though we do know him irl) into a cat we turned him back OF COURSE i mean if we didn't what would conner frogbane, lucas frostsmith AND duncan silvercoin do in they're spare time i mean annoying jacob lightsword is a school sport i mean WHO ELSE RESEMBLES THEY GUY FROM THE WHITE AND NERDY VIDEO ON MEEZ? anyway more of the witch stuff awww it's not as fun as typing about how nerdy he is! (btw conner, lucas and duncan are ALL IRL people) i think i said i mean tooooooo much in the last paragraph anyway i'll tell you more witch stuff later and if you want to meet me in the game look for saffron winterflame in the krokosphinx on torrence area 1 

GOOFY DUELING! (i finally figured out how to sign off :D LOL)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

LOL HAPPY FATHERS DAY! i know i overloaded the exclamation marks on the title so anyway unforch i could not go on wizard today (i did think of riding my bike three miles to the wizard101 house but then i remembered the spider that lives on the shed) so instead i thought i'd say happy dads day to all the dads that read my blog (cough the friendly necromancer cough) and tell you more insane stories of my insane days on wizard 101 i'll start with the story of daniel ravenhead (a.k.a. tinman you'll find out why) i once had a friend named courtney (can't remember her last name) who invited me to her pvp match so i could help her friend daniel ravenhead so i helped and i found out that daniel had NO compassion whatsoever so we ended up doing seven matches before i had to go quest so i was questing and i got a cry for help from my friend who shall not be named on the whisper chat so i ported and guess what! he planned to make me malistaire bait! his other friend was even saying it! so i whispered courtney and asked if i could port to her cause she wasn't a member and was stuck in wizard city she said yes so i said cya suckers (in a way so that the filter wouldn't get it) and ported to her and ended having to do seven more pvps with daniel as my partner (NOT fun) so after that i was questing again when my friend blaze stormfist whispered me asking if i wanted to do a friendly 1v1 i of course said yes so we were halfway through the match when daniel popped in saying he wanted revenge because i made him develop compassion so i spent the rest of the duel telling him to go away and ended up calling in one of the highest level people i know to get him out and i ended up deleting daniel but whatever at least he is leaving me alone now. so...... i guess this isn't very fathers dayish at all o well have a happy fathers day! 

Thursday, June 18, 2009

funny typo

so once upon a time (lol sooo cheesy) i was hanging out with dakota stormstrider (this was when me and him weren't members) and his friend wolf when some random kid walked up to us and said can you take me to mushu? i was like mushu? dakota was like ummmm? and wolf was like what? and i said sry i can't take you to mushroom. LOL and he said mushroom no i need mushu and apparently it was mooshu he meant! ROFL :D funny huh? you might not think it but i think the mushroom comment i pulled was funny

kinda weird in a romantic comedy way

so i was doing quests on krokotopia on my wonderful used to be main charecter saffron winterflame (lvl 17 ice/thaumaturge). i was running towards the oasis and i took a right turn and i see some gal named vannessa darkcrafter killin' stuff nothin' unusual right? well i kept on walking and there was another person guess who it was..... none other than dakota stormstrider! (my friend who called my sister creepy but they aren't fighting no more hmm interview idea!) i said hi and he said hi back so i continued and on my way back i saw him again with the same girl in almost exactly the same spot it turned out she was his gf! lol :) so the moral of this ironic story is uh um i forgot the moral and the moral of that is never forget the moral! rofl

btw people plz keep a look out for dakota dunewalker master sorcerer if you find him plz notify me through the comments thank you

Friday, June 12, 2009

totally random with complaints from my sister

complaint #1 i hate dragonspyre #2 i hate the arena #3 why do you have to write my complaints on your blog? #4 why do you have to do an interview? and finally the totally random and scary part my best friend is coming to terrorize us with his comments be afraid! be very afraid! he will mention my way of saying CHEESE in an angry voice if he starts talking about mud poop and worms (which was the topic of conversation today eew) and my other best friend who moved away emailed me:) which has nothing to do with my next topic. MY FIRST INTERVIEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D courtesy of isaiah deathblood a friend of mine (also friends with sam) but my fellow blogging friends and non bloggers the next interview after that will be! (draws name from hat) SAMANTHA GOLDENHEART MY SISTER! who is sitting right next to me. sam says hi bloggers. want to hear somthing really funny? do ya? ya you do! sam is fighting a boss that looks like the kid with purple bird on head! ROFL IT'S SO RANDOM IT GETS A 10/10 FOR RANDOM RATINGS!!!!!! LOL CYA NEXT TIME BLOGGERS :D

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


hiya again haven't been bloggin for awhile been to busy trying to set up an interview with my sisters friends, my friends, somebody with a more popular blog and finally my sister! (who is on dragonspyre while i'm still stuck in marleybone) and i've been busy playing other games :O i agree i'm a wizard 101 traitor not really i just needed something to do in my almost a mile away wizard 101 free house. excuse me i gotta watch my sister get killed by some random dude in purple with a colosuss pet (who looks like a purple bird landed on his head no offense to people with the same helm (if you want to see something similar look at the friendly necromancers screenshots no offense stingite) ) :D lol i think i might fall asleep at the keyboard :) might go on Tatiana frostblade oh wait i have to go to wizard free house :( super sad now :( wait sister got killed :D LOL her friend might die! i liked him :( lol jk he is funny (half the time i don't know what the heckhound he's saying)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

finally got on wizard 101

first let me tell you it was NOT an easy task getting to play. i had to convince my mom to let ride my bike to my grandmas house. then i had to bike twenty minutes into the wind walking most of the way. i finally made it needed lots of food and sugary drinks (crackers and strawberry milk lol) and logged on finished Chelsea court and the ironworks with samantha's help i might interview her here to prove she really is my sister and she really exists. (she did kensington lane after i warned her about it) and maybe i could ask the friendly necromancer if i can interview him those are just two ideas. just to add a funny tone to this blog post i was working on triton avenue and there was this guy in a duel and he was losing so i joined and saved him we became friends and the whole reason he was losing the duel was because he fell asleep at the keyboard. and on that note i say HAVE FUN! cya next post :)

Bored to death

i haven't been able to play wizard 1o1 yet today so i'm bored to death. i might check out a website my friend told me about it's called hopefully it's good.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

a sisterly duel

Do not be fooled by the name of this post yes it involves a duel and yes it involves my twin sister samantha goldenheart. But OMG was it LOL funny. i'll start with how mine and sams computers are right next to eachother and i could see every move she made. it was a 3v3 duel so i told my teammates every move she made and we ended up calling the duel Good vs. Evil, i of course was on the evil side i mean how couldn't i? i kept saying i was the evil twin and some guy stole my line which was Quote "I AM THE EVIL TWIN MUAH HAHAHA" so i got really angry and started pounding my sister's team so hard two of them fled. in the end it was me vs. sam but of course good triumphs over evil and she killed me with her helephant treasure card only beacause I Heather ThunderGem never flee there was a big conversation about ducks and the chat filter combined with a fill in the blanks game. i had planed to party after that but instead me and Wolf Eyes one of my best friends hung out in various places. and ended up laughing our heads off (hahaha thump) at a guy stuck in the drain at olde town by where zeke used to be it was funny cause he was shouting "i'm innocent!"

Friday, May 15, 2009

funny just won't stop hitting me with laugh attacks

so the most recent funny thing is i became friends with the most annoying sorcerer in the history of annoying people. he won't stop porting to me mid battle it's like i'm fighting an o'leary and then boom he ports he won't even let me know he's coming. oh another funny thing is a saying me and elizabeth lightweaver came up with when i was fighting a death kid named jason in a ranked match she said "life rocks!" and i added "cause we throw rocks" and cast natures wrath which chucked a rock at him. he later used sacrifice and killed himself and caused me to win. and then me and elizabeth did a 4v4 in whick jason was on my team and we lost because he cast doom and gloom and me and elizabeth died (the other guy had to leave earlier) talk about irony. thinking of irony the match i did before jason i was facing a death girl can't remember her name but she cast doom and gloom and i lost. :( doom and gloom must be bad luck for me (figures)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

been away for awile...

Sry peoples i forgot i had this blog i promise to update asap everyday
So lately i've been dealing with a lot of will you be my girlfriend plz? it's SO annoying i mean your in the middle of killing a gearhead and then a text chat pops up saying "will you be my girl?" it's like a life girl is all the rage right now. so anyway i nearly got killed by a gearhead today got so frusterrated i wanted to put DIE! ! ! on the screen actually i think i did good thing no one was there i'd be SO weird looking but then i'm used to it me being the "outcast" of grade seven i started my own group by gathering friends with simaler interests and making the wizard group an entire group that loves wizard101 in the same school. i made a new life charecter today Brianna Griffan did the tutorial and text talked through the whole thing it was pretty funny actually. full of Greats and I hate tutorials it was hilarious because my friend was Howling with laughter (you will know her as "Fred" she's a bit obsessed with making guy characters pretty freaky i think) I think i'm gonna comment on the friendly necromancer sometime soon but untill then a shout out to all those obsessed with making a life student their girl NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

see ya next time
and remember life ain't sunshine lollipops and healing cards
Have Fun!

Friday, April 24, 2009

First Post!!!!!!!!

Lots of you are probably thinking "first blog post? how is that important?" or "she's excited about her first blog post? she's insane" well i am a little goofy but not insane and i am excited because well.... i just am! (warning sudden bursts of attitude may occur within the content of this blog) so i made this blog for 3 reasons #1 i want to show people that the school of life isn't just sunshine lollipops and healing cards #2 cause i felt like it and #3 i want to have a website and blogging seemed the best option. so if you have any objections to those 3 reasons comment about them