Sunday, May 17, 2009

finally got on wizard 101

first let me tell you it was NOT an easy task getting to play. i had to convince my mom to let ride my bike to my grandmas house. then i had to bike twenty minutes into the wind walking most of the way. i finally made it needed lots of food and sugary drinks (crackers and strawberry milk lol) and logged on finished Chelsea court and the ironworks with samantha's help i might interview her here to prove she really is my sister and she really exists. (she did kensington lane after i warned her about it) and maybe i could ask the friendly necromancer if i can interview him those are just two ideas. just to add a funny tone to this blog post i was working on triton avenue and there was this guy in a duel and he was losing so i joined and saved him we became friends and the whole reason he was losing the duel was because he fell asleep at the keyboard. and on that note i say HAVE FUN! cya next post :)

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  1. Hi! I am Isaiah Spelldust and I run a blog too!
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    ps. Strawberry milk is good!

    ~Isaiah Spelldust