Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I met a fan and i dueled her

Yes i met a fan! in truth it was a complete accident! LOL well here's the story: i finally decided to give ranked matches another try (death from two 1v1's with grandmasters and utter pwnage from four of them at same time scared me off!) so i got a thaumaturge one lvl higher than me (i was lvl 44 at time) to 1v1 her name was keira night and we started talking (she had open chat to!) and i thought i recognized her (from various occasions across arena) and she said my name did seem familiar and i asked her if she read blogs and she said yes! (sometimes rarely) so that is how i met a fan! (btw i won!) and anyone remember the sisterly duel? no? o well me and sam (one fire person) decided to 1v1 and she beat me :( and then we rematched and i used her own deck against her! (no not beguile she jacked all those treasure cards to give to isaac) have a happy tuesday OMG I HAVE A TEST TO STUDY FOR!!!!! BYE

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