Tuesday, September 8, 2009

school sucks!!!!!!!!!!

well hey everyone haven't heard from all of ya in awhile though i'm gonna be blogging only every 2 weeks starting after this weekend because of SCHOOL! you may say i'm lucky that i started school this late but thats the only lucky thing cause the popular kids are worse than Simon from american idol!!!!!!!! i'm hoping with my new look that i can pull of the 'new kid' routine for a few days wish me luck! BTW i made it all the way to Dragonspyre now :D and also you may be wondering why i'm not in school saying it's 10:00 AM the reason is first day grade eights don't show up till noon and well i'm grade eight lol :D. i'd also like to draw your attention to my friend Keller who is now on YOUTUBE!!!!!!!!!! yes youtube! he is MrCandyWars so people go on youtube, are you on? good. now search the candy shop robbery and click on the one by MrCandyWars, enjoy the shoutout to me and Sam and then watch the retardedly funny video.

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