Tuesday, August 4, 2009

myth of the day+ meet&greet realm decision

myth of the day is turning into mythical character of the day because i can't remember half the myths so todays character is apollo in honor of the fact that i am psychic.

meet and greet shall be August 15th 1:oo pm central time realm Wu area 1. prize for costume contest is 2 rebirth treasure cards 1 stormzilla and 1 helephant treasure card. topic of conversation: whatever comes to mind at the time. color you must wear if you are winner of the contest after you win: pink. color you must wear if you come in second in the contest until the end of the meet&greet: purple. colors you may wear just to make me smile: green, blue, purple, and black.

and on the lighter side heres 2 jokes: what is the longest word? smiles, there's a mile between the s's. a man with red hair walks into a barber shop, barber says why is your hair red? man says because i'm hot, man with blue hair walks into the barber shop, barber says why is your hair blue? man says because i'm cold, man with green hair walks in, barber: why is your hair green? *man wipes nose upward* i don't know.

Goofy dueling

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  1. Sorry to say this but there is a Meet and Greet hosted by me and Diary of a Wizard that will be happening on that day but we could "merge" both events since they are on the same day and you could host the event with me and Fallon.