Monday, October 5, 2009


hmmmmmm....... looks like i was thinking about location so much i forgot to put it down. funny how that happens. anyway i'm gonna need to tell you where my party is LOL life tower OF COURSE haha. i like life :D. anyway me and keller emeraldhaven went on an journey to try to reach WC from his house........ journey was succesful we got stuck under nightside. another journey we did was trying to get to Canada and all the while i sang Eye Of The Tiger (in the funny voice you get when you have a cold) while he told me to sing the canadian national anthem. we didn't make it to canada apparently we were heading the wrong way so i ended up getting a T-Shirt that says: I Tried To get To Canada But wound Up Here Instead JK if only if only....... RANDOM DANCING!!!!!!! *dances randomly* I LOVE RANDOM!!!!! cya!

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