Thursday, June 18, 2009

kinda weird in a romantic comedy way

so i was doing quests on krokotopia on my wonderful used to be main charecter saffron winterflame (lvl 17 ice/thaumaturge). i was running towards the oasis and i took a right turn and i see some gal named vannessa darkcrafter killin' stuff nothin' unusual right? well i kept on walking and there was another person guess who it was..... none other than dakota stormstrider! (my friend who called my sister creepy but they aren't fighting no more hmm interview idea!) i said hi and he said hi back so i continued and on my way back i saw him again with the same girl in almost exactly the same spot it turned out she was his gf! lol :) so the moral of this ironic story is uh um i forgot the moral and the moral of that is never forget the moral! rofl

btw people plz keep a look out for dakota dunewalker master sorcerer if you find him plz notify me through the comments thank you

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