Sunday, July 5, 2009


hiya bloggers! i haven't been blogging in awhile but i have been watching TRANSFORMERS!!!!!!!
both movies i have one on dvd (gotta love DvD) and i went to see #2 yesterday as a short summery: lots of stuff went BOOM!!!! giant robots had death matches swears were every 5 minutes plus there was orange smoke and bad throws. as a funny little scene i'll put the orange smoke and bad throws speaking part in here it's small and swear free!

(the two military dudes and sam+makayla are huddled in a small corner of ruins with giant robot death matches surrounding them)
Black military dude: I hope those F-14's got good aim.
White military dude: why?!
(sam looks around)
Black dude: i told them to aim for the orange smoke
(white guy looks a few feet to their left)
White dude: you mean that orange smoke?
Black dude: wasn't my best throw
white guy: NOW!!!!!!
(they all run like the wind)


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